Sharing Photos Online

Facebook – Is the most popular social sharing site, although more aimed at social interaction rather than just portraying photos.

Instagram – is becoming one of most popular sites for just sharing photos, but they are limited to a square format and designed mainly for uploading from smart phones.

Flickr – is the most popular free photo-sharing site, but it is now owned by Yahoo and you have to set your site up from a Yahoo account

Google Photos – You can set up photo albums but only share them to people with Google + accounts.

Photobucket  – is a photosharing site which is free with adverts or $10 a year with no adverts. Good for editing photos.

Smug Mug – is an excellent photosharing site. It costs US$40 a year but has a great display interface and the option to sell photos

Phanfare – is a photo-sharing site with a basic cost of about US$30 a year

Shutterfly – a free photosharing site – one of the first that was available.